Towards Advanced Level Of Science
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Artificial Intelligence & Data Science
Our prestigious institution, Chennai Institute of Technology has been awarded the National Award of Excellence for Best Placements & Our college has been ranked Second in Tamil Nadu. Our experienced teachers work tirelessly to instill knowledge about the technical environment in students And thus, our college has become a reality that now makes the dreams of thousands of students come true
TALOS - Towards Advanced Level of Science is an annual occurrence conducted by the department of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science to showcase the importance of the domain. A wave of fun and technical will be conducted throughout the day.
In Artificial Intelligence & Data Science Department, We study today's ground breaking tech, being used in high level automation, error handling, prediction, data analytics & several other decision making process on a daily basis. You can never be bored here.. Coz every new topic is an invention that makes history.
Technical Events
Figma Designing


This is an event where you can exhibit your designing skills in Figma, an online collaboration tool used by designers and developers. Unleash the potential of your design abilities & Grab the opportunity to show off your talent.

CTF Hackathon

Capture The Flag

Are you looking for an enthusiastic way to put your technical intelligence to the test ? Try CTF ! The objective of this event is to solve programing tasks in a specific order using clues/hints hidden inside a website/Frame-work. You will have to complete maximum tasks in a given time limit to win !

Paper Presentation


Paper presentation enables you to unveil your ideas and gain exposure to various insightful concepts. You can reveal the truths behind unexplored phenomena in the extensive world of science and technology by exhibiting your ingenious thoughts and let your innovations speak through your Paper.

Predict The Output


Codoput is an event where the participants have to pop a balloon and provide the output for the snippet of code present inside the balloon within given time limit. Put your logical thinking abilities to the test.

Poster Making


This online event, is to make an informative poster based on the topic/theme given. It must depict the topic to its fullest. Make your creativity visible to the world through this event. Don't let this opportunity pass you by ! Expand you creative boundaries.

Non-Technical Events
Decode The Song

Tune Surfing

This is a song guessing game/event by actions. A team of three members are involved, one should wear a headset, the other members have to give gestures to the main player for the particular song. He/She has to guess the song correctly by following the gestures within a minute. For each correct answer.Points will be awarded & team that scores the highest will be the winner.

Photography Contest


Utilize your photographic abilities to transform fleeting moments into something peculiar, thrilling, and captivating. Don't let this opportunity pass you by; seize it. Pick a camera , click an image & freeze the moment.

Treasure Hunt

Hunters & Gatherers

Ahoy ! Gather and hunt down the astounding treasures. The time has come! Let's see if you've really got what it takes to hunt 'em down. The skills you hold leads you to the treasure untold. But Beware, you aren't the only one hunting. Not all the treasure is silver and gold mate!

Computer Vision Game

Mystic Touch

Explore new adventures, reach heights and break records using Artificial Intelligence. Mystic Touch is the game of fun based on computer vision where you handle the game completely using your hand gestures. Talos welcomes you to the new era of gaming. Register to join the fun!

Mobile Game

Stumble Guys

Get your mobiles ready to enter the world of entertainment with stumble guys game. Showcase your unspoken skills to place your mark in the event.



A workshop showcasing Artificial Intelligence & Data Science with our partner Techiegen, opening an oppurtunity to learn on how to start a company from scratch. This offline workshop will prove to be useful for students. Do not Miss this oppurtunity, Register Now !

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