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About This Project

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This project was started as a program to handle several telegram groups that have a large number of members & also to serve several other unique features that were made simple & easy to users & admins.

Here’s some shallow information :

This project still being developing by the me & the dev community, So you can expect more features and updates quite often..

All the tools are packed in & the Bot is all set to go in a server via script mode & also in a PC via utility mode which proves to be a good feature for debugging & for running mainstream

Feel free to mention a issue or a feature request in this repository :) & for more information, Check out Jesvi Bot’s Official Webpage (<–under construction)

Built With

Jesvi Bot is built mainly with Python3 (3.8.6).. However, the OS specific Utility, tools & features are built using Batch & C++ (Mingw) for Windows.

Getting Started

Getting this program up and running is just a piece of cake ! Follow the steps and its just a few clicks away from getting it running…



Normal Installation

  1. Unpack the latest release of Jesvi Bot using 7zip

  2. Run Jesvi Bot.exe application present inside the unpacked Jesvi-Bot/tg_bot/Windows/bin/ Folder

    • Move the bot folder to 'C:/' directory, only if your user-account-name has a space in it, else bot utility in windows will have trouble launching.
  3. Select 3. Install Requirements in the Jesvi Bot utility application to let the application automatically install all the required dependencies & modules the script requires to run

    • Make sure python3 path is set under system environment as ‘py’ (not as ‘python’ or ‘py3’ or ‘python3’, else you will encounter errors & will have to manually change it across all scripts that use ‘py’ to call python) & test it from command line using ‘python --version
    • Microsoft visual C++ distribution 2014 is required by some libraries installed via pip/wheel, so make sure to install it if you encounter errors.
    • Check if different version of python libraries are clashing.
  4. Setup MYSQL workbench & create/setup a new conection with a database

    • Make sure mysql paths are available in system Environment and are running as mysql or mysqlsh, check from command line to ensure they are working & start mysql server.
    • Linux users can install mariadb-server if mysql-server is not available in apt (both work the same).
    • You have to create a user in mysql that has been given all privileges to edit the database, once created try logging into mysql as the new user to make sure it is working
  5. Add the database details to to respective variables. Example :

```bot_username = “your_bot_username” database_name = “your_database” database_user = “root” database_password = “your_database_password”

#do the same for other variables..

6. Get your `Bot API Token` from [@botfather]( via `/newbot` command & owner (\*your) details from [@jesvi_bot]( via `/info` command in telegram
7. Now you can select `Start` in the Jesvi Bot Application & get Jesvi Bot fully running !
   - Check logs for any errors or further requirements


## Usage

Jesvi Bot can come very handy when you have to manage a telegram group, channel, etc.. because of all the included features & tools that the bot is equiped with, It is easy for users & admins to get the full potential out of Jesvi Bot.

THERE ARE ALOT MORE (50+ MODULES) BUT IMMA LAZY TO TYPE ALL OF THEM… yeah.. I’m just too frikin lazy to type all of them … ```


Contributions make this projetc better n better. Any contributions you make are greatly appreciated, So Imma gonna keep expecting pull req from you ;).

  1. Fork the Project
  2. Create your Feature Branch (git checkout -b feature/AmazingFeature)
  3. Commit your Changes (git commit -m 'Add some AmazingFeature')
  4. Push to the Branch (git push origin feature/AmazingFeature)
  5. Open a Pull Request


Distributed under the MIT License. See LICENSE for more information.


Jesvi Jonathan -

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